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Nike Air Jorden series of basketball shoes has always had a high popularity, wholesale air jordan shoes but you have imagined Sony's next-generation consoles combined with the effect of it after it?
FreakerSNEAKS custom designer Jonny Barry has created a pair of PS4 customized version of "Jordan four generations," cheap wholesale jordans free shipping basketball shoes, consistent with the host black exterior looks pretty cool.
"When I saw the PS4 sale when they realize what should be done cheap wholesale air jordan shoes, I finally decided to PS4 of elements into this pair of Jordan basketball shoes four generations of them wholesale air jordans free shipping paypal." Jonny Barry said, "Of course, if only one more in the shoes PS4's Logo that too would be too perfunctory, so I joined a heel HDMI interface, although it does not have any real machine function, wholesale air jordans from china free shipping paypal or credit card but this design really makes these shoes made all the difference. "
Currently, Jonny Barry decided to make 10 pairs of shoes this customized version, did not double the estimated price of $ 950, wholesale air jordans free shipping using a custom box and comes with one extra HDMI cable.

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